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Play assignments and new mission types with the Space Rig expansion and add new biomes and creatures with the Biome expansion.

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8 months ago – Fri, Oct 06, 2023 at 06:11:08 AM

Hello miners!

The weekend is lurking. It’s Friday and with 10 days to go it’s time to drop another update!

The Freebie Fever is still raging and until it’s cured, we’re spawning more content…


Our game designer Ole Steiness has opened a small card vault. This time it’s Biome themed. Two new Rock ‘n’ Stone cards, fully compatible with both expansions and the base game.

MOOD Publishing is currently at the yearly Essen board game expo, so we’ve decided to make a special Essen treat for all backers. Info landing very soon.

Next update dropping tomorrow, Saturday. 

Until then: ROCK & STONE!

8 months ago – Wed, Oct 04, 2023 at 06:16:49 AM

Hello Miners!

We're thrilled to bring you another update. We have immense appreciation for your support, and we want to deliver even more content to your pledges.


Once again, our dear game designer, has been in his game design laboratory constructing. As a result, the Space Rig expansion will contain 2 additional secondary weapon cards! A weaponized dwarf is a good dwarf.

But what are the weapons!? Yes, this is going to be a wonderful surprise to not only you, but also any glyphid brave enough to grab an encounter with you and your friends.

Regarding requests for 2nd edition player boards, we can reveal that the changes are minor text tweaks, to make sure we use the same naming and keep things more coherent. No changes to game design or physical design.

Next update dropping this Friday.


8 months ago – Mon, Oct 02, 2023 at 08:43:25 AM

Hello Miners!

Surpassing 7000 backers is nothing short of amazing. We can’t thank you enough for your incredible support.

Ole Steiness has been hard at work crafting a new mission type for the Space Rig Expansion: UNDERGROUND DEPOSITS

Your mission? Unearth the hidden Aquarqs buried beneath the surface and transport them back to the platform. We’re throwing in two extra missions and 2 additional mission cards to enhance the Space Rig Expansion.

Here’s the links to the current rules for both Space Rig and Biome. Please allow a few hours so they get approved by BGG, once that happens you’ll be able to read them freely. While these rules are close to final, there might be some tweaks in the official rule books down the line.

24 hour coin 

All  backers with a backer number of 6308 and below are the people who qualify to get the coin.

Pledge manager

We'd like to also clarify that certain items, like the card sleeves and the mixed mission book, will be available as extra add ons in the pledge manager after the campaign is over. Please remember that just like last time, once the campaign is over you will be invited over to Backerkit where you will be able to add extra items as well as your delivery address and shipping fee payment details.

Finally, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could show your support on BoardGameGeek as well - it means a lot to us 😁

Rock and Stone!